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Scholarship Fund

The Anupam Sinha Memorial Scholarship Fund:

Established In loving memory of Shri Anupam Sinha, father of our foundation director and founder Miss Anoushka Sinha.

Mr. Sinha was a lawyer, a remarkable human, a leader in his own field, a feminist and compassionate individual,he was a humanitarian.

He believed in helping and uplifting his fellow beings and went out of his way to help all around him in every which way he could.

Reflecting on his unwavering commitment to education for all, our aim is to assist the most underprivileged students in accessing quality education. By doing so, we hope to honor his legacy.

Every year to commemorate the birth anniversary of the loved advocate and generous human Mr Anupam Sinha a scholarship fund was endowed and awards program was started to honour the efforts of underprivileged students and also support their education.

Although he is not with us his dream to support and help others will be carried forward through this scholarship and our foundation.

Anupam Sinha Memorial Scholarship Fund is a small step to encourage children to not only excel for themselves but also try and help to build each other and be a support system to those who need them the most just like Mr. Anupam did.

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