building a unique community of climate storytellers

Kahaani Collective

Kahaani, meaning story in Hindi, serves as the foundation for the Kahani Collective. Our aim is to unite diverse climate storytellers worldwide, empowering them to share their perspectives on the climate crisis and raise awareness about this pressing issue & also prevent GREENWASHING

Through engaging writing, impactful films, and concise shortform content, we aim to provide a dedicated platform for discussing the often overlooked aspect of climate change – its devastating impact on the most vulnerable communities.By amplifying their voices and equipping them with storytelling tools, we strive to breathe life into their experiences and nurture their growth as storytellers.

These narratives not only shed light on the immediate challenges faced by marginalized communities but also emphasize the resilience, innovation, collective strength they exhibit in the face of adversity and serve as a free fact checking platform to call out larger corporates that greenwash in order to propel sustainability conscious consumers falsely.

The Kahani Collective believes that by fostering a global community of storytellers, we can inspire meaningful conversations, influence policy changes, and ultimately contribute to a sustainable and equitable future for all. Together, through the power of storytelling, we aspire to build bridges of understanding and empathy that transcend borders and foster a shared commitment to addressing the urgent climate issues that affect us all.

Leading At COP 28

Keeping up our spirits high and our creative efforts on we will be proudly celebrating and supporting the creatives, the storytellers the advocates and the leaders at the highest levels of climate advocacy at the biggest climate event of the year that is at COP28 !

Proud Community Partner

This year at COP28 we have proudly partnered with the Entertainment & Culture Pavilion a hub for creativity, activism, ambition and hope. Together we’re leveraging the power of our sector to advance climate action and the Sustainable Development Goals.

A Word From Our Founder

“As a climate storyteller, trained singer and one of the youngest radio jockeys in my country I have truly experienced the collective power of using our communication and creative arts channels to ensure we reach the masses in a way that easier for them to understand thus making the process of awareness building more efficient. Through my charity concerts,climate festival and climate change live reporting I have impacted and informed many people in my community about the need to step up for climate change and take action and I hope as you are reading this you click the link below and join this campaign”

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