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My Letter,My Voice

As a means to ensure that young people’s voices reach to the forefront of these important decision making tables we are globally launching the ‘My Letter, My Voice’ campaign. After surveying multiple young people across different sectors, and countries it was found out that most of them feel that their participation is rather tokenistic instead of it being authentic.

To add to this many youth are unable to access these spaces let alone lend a voice and this can happen due to multiple reasons such as financial constraints, lack of funding or visa issues that hinders these dialogues from getting a global perspective. In order to bridge these white spaces and bring about young people at the core of these discussions the ‘My Letter My Voice Campaign’ is being launched in November. This campaign will allow young people to write a letter to a world leader of their choice and make sure their experiences are taken into account and that they are represented.

This unique campaign allows young people from across the world to submit their personal opinions, perspectives and suggestions on what they believe should change in a focus area of their choice it can talk about any of the seventeen sustainable development goals. The virtual letters will be collated and presented to world leaders at upcoming global forums such as the UNGA, UN CSW, one key upcoming one being the biggest climate event of the year COP28 which will be held in Dubai this year.

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