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This program was established to bridge the educational disparity and digital divide when accessing learning. ScholarBack was born at the prestigious Rutgers University Entrepreneurship Academy for young leaders and was led in close conjunction with the World Literacy Foundation by our founder who was an ambassador for WLF.

ScholarBack is an online learning platform and notes provider for children.The platform, is easy to access and learn from, and can be accessed without internet. It aims to address the pressing issue of literacy and the digital divide. Our firm belief is that Literacy Can't Wait.

ScholarBack is currently up and running with all content readily available. This e-learning platform offers a wide range of learning materials and books for underprivileged children. Sign up to take a glimpse into our vibrant classes and see for yourself how learning is no longer dull. With ScholarBack for anything and everything that concerns learning you can be rest assured that we have your back !

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